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    If you are a proud owner of a beard, or simply just thinking of growing one, the most vital step in taking good care of your beard is by washing it and keeping it clean.

    One of the most common minor inconveniences in having a beard is to have tiny bits of food that get stuck in your beard or mustache during the day. For smokers, another tiny hassle you may experience is when smoke and ashes get trapped in your beard. These things are just a few of the many reasons why you should give your beard a regular wash.

    Another factor that could affect your beard health is the weather. It is not news that cold weather has the tendency to dry your skin out and as a result, your beard area could become itchy.

    There are beard shampoos and conditioners that you can use to take care of these concerns. Take note that you cannot use regular hair shampoos because they tend to be harsh and will strip your beard and skin off its natural oils. Always, always remember that the skin on your face is more sensitive than your scalp.

    So, how often should you wash your beard?

    Washing your beard regularly is good, but you should not wash it too typically, because too frequent washing will mess up the natural oils in your beard hair. We suggest washing your beard every other day, but if you’re living in warm weather, you can wash it every day if you feel a little oily.

    How do you wash your beard?

    There is no perfect method of washing your beard, but here’s how you can do it. Apply your beard shampoo generously throughout your beard area using circular motions. You should dig deep using your fingertips to make sure that your skin is clean. To ensure that your beard is well-hydrated, use a beard conditioner and massage it well on the beard to stimulate better growth. Once everything is done, rinse the conditioner thoroughly. Also take note that you should use warm water, as too hot water can dry your skin out. Once you have made sure that everything has been rinsed out, you can switch to cold water to close your pores and keep the beard nice and shiny.

    The last step is drying your beard. Use a microfiber towel — do not rub, but instead, gently pat it dry throughout the area. And remember, do not use a high heat setting on your hair dryer if you decide to use it!