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    The good reviews of fine gentleman that have come before you are endless and I don't just mean that figuratively. They are literally endless... Just try to scroll to the bottom. We have over one thousand five star reviews. Good luck!
    Based on 4727 reviews
    Santa's beard

    My beard is my job. As santa claus I have used polished gentleman beard wash and condioner for several years and have a very happy beard because of it. Happy beard means jolly Old fat man with a long soft healthy beard. Thanks , love your product. HO HO HO

    Love this product

    This product is amazing I get so many compliments because of how nice it looks and people always ask what do I use and I tell them polished gentlemen. I buy the big bottles every time! Great product

    Mustache Styling Wax
    Charles W.C.J.
    A great product

    It help keeps my beard shiny and it holds well…


    I’ve used your shampoo and Beard Softening Conditioner products and I’m very pleased with both! I’ve tried other brands , but I’m glad to have found yours!

    Love this beard oil!

    I have a good sized beard and only use two drops of this oil a day and my beard is soft as it can be. I have tried several other brands of conditioners and oils. Polished Gentlemen is one of the ones I use the most and always keep some on hand. It is my go to almost every day. Give it a try, I don't think you will be disappointed.

    Shampoo and conditioner.

    Good product I would say.. I’ve bought this product a handful of times now. it cleanses the shampoo well and softens as well the beard the balm and the scent of both is pleasant even if soft,,, When I try other products I can give a most incisive opinion but for the price at which it is sold I highly recommend,, Excellent seller and amazon; the product arrived intact and in advance!!

    Thanks, been using the shampoo and conditioner for a few months now, and my beard seems fuller and definitely stronger, with less breakage and heir loss


    I was very surprised to get the feel and look in my beard for the price I paid. Very pleased.

    Soft beard

    This is the best shampoo and conditioner I have found to work on n my beard

    Beard Growth Oil
    Roger M.
    New Growth

    Goes on nice and smooth adding sheen to ones beard

    Beard shampoo and conditioner

    By far the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve used. I have a very course beard and have not used product that softens my beard like this one. Highly recommend it.

    Beard Growth Oil
    DANNY H.

    A little goes a long way..nice feeling on my skin.

    Beard Balm

    Got my beard feeling soft and manageable. Beard smells good too!

    Beard and Condition

    Great product..got my beard feeling fresh after a good wash and conditioning.

    Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    Best I’ve tried

    I’ve tried lots of beard conditioners to treat flakey beard. I work outside and my beard gets rough daily. This is the best and only conditioner I will use. I tried a cheaper conditioner recently and threw it in the garbage when my order arrived.

    Beard Shaping Balm
    Cenaida P.

    : :)

    I love your Products!

    I use your Beard Conditioner regularly and I find it to be the best conditioner for my beard. It makes my beard manageable and looking good, so I thank you so much making this incredible product. You know I will always be a customer of yours.

    Beard Enhancement Kit
    Kenneth S.
    The Best

    If your looking for a beard shampoo and conditioner, this is the one. I have been using Polished Gentleman for over 5 years now, hands down the best product I have used. The shampoo has a great lather, gets even the dirtiest beards clean. As for the conditioner, tjis leaves my beard soft, smooth and great smelling. Highly recommend you trying this product out, you will not be disappointed.
    Thank you
    Polished Gentleman

    I recommend it!

    It’s great! Also love that it’s cruelty free!


    Even though my order was missing the comb I wrote you guys that just needed the comb an your great fast service I recieved the whole order instead of just the missing comb thank you so much you guys are awesome...

    Beard Thickening Shampoo
    GRAYBEARD60 6.

    Love this product been using it for awhile now, tried others but this on my top 2, really cleanses the CHROME..A+++, bearded Brothers give it a shot, I don't think you will be dissapionted...💯👍

    Awesome products

    I use it on mustache and hair , it's work better than anything I've tried , I have curly hair , and after using the shampoo and conditioner I don't need any other products in my hair ... awesome...

    Great Product

    I have been using this product for little over a year now and I absolutely love it! Definitely have noticed a difference in the softness and health of my beard.

    Beard Enhancement Kit
    Anthony J.
    Best I’ve used thus far

    I have tried other brands both big and small. So far, this shampoo and conditioner is the best that I’ve found. It has made my beard softer, stronger, and more tame.
    The wax is good in assisting the mustache maintain it’s stability.
    The oil bottle is a bit small, so I’d recommend grabbing another bottle if you’re ordering something else. But the oil is great because it seems to be absorbed by the hair pretty well and keeps my beard looking healthy and takes away the dullness of a dry beard.