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    Beard Grooming Kit



    Groom Without Worry and Spoil Your Gentlemanliness! My good man, finally, here’s your ultimate solution for messy beard shape, tangled facial hair, filthy beard lines, untidy cheek line cuts & twisted sideburns neck. A box full of manly goodies to fit perfectly in your pocket. Complete with a pocket-size beard brush, beard comb, or mustache comb & trimming scissors designed to fit perfectly in your pocket to groom & get that beard beast under control anytime, anywhere. Whether you're wanting to sport a sleek & polished hairstyle or a rugged & manly one, our Beard Grooming Kit has got you covered.

    • • Scissors to trim those rogue hairs—keeping your hedge proportionate & look respectable at all times.
    • • Double-Sided Comb gets out the knots while smoothing out hairs to their real length
    • • Boar brush helps smooth & evenly distribute beard oil through your gorgeous facial hair
    • • Eco-friendly, biodegradable & made of the highest & premium quality materials that last a lifetime
    • • Perfect gift and ideal for anyone with a beard or mustache