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    You don’t have to spend a lot of money on tons of different products or take too much time inside the bathroom. Instead, you should be able to develop your own routine that is simple, quick and requires minimal maintenance.

    Here are 11 easy grooming habits you, my Goodman, should start making:

    1. Have regular haircuts.

    The key is to plan ahead. Book your next barber’s appointment once every four weeks, and stay committed to it. A lot of men wait for their hair to reach an ugly, annoying length or stage before deciding to get a haircut. Basically, by the time you’ve noticed that your hair needs a quick cut, other people (including your mother and your significant other) may have already noticed it. So go to your trusted barber and let him do all the work for you.

    2. Understand how your hair works, and which products work best for your hair type.

    Say bye bye to your grandpa’s aggressively-scented and extra-greasy pomades and say hello to modern hair products that suit every hairstyle and type. To make it simple, waxes, and pomades work with thick and messy hair. For thin hair, go with lighter gel-like products and sprays.

    3. Find your signature scent.

    Let go of that nasty-smelling aftershave. Go for something that complements your overall look and presence. Look for one or two classic scents that you really adore and invest in them. One light scent for the summer and another heavy woody or spicy scent for the colder months.

    4. Work on your smile.

    Create a good impression by having a perfect smile. Did you know that electric and rotating toothbrushes reduce more plaque than ordinary toothbrushes and in the long run, can significantly reduce gum problems. You’d also want to use a mouthwash every after brush.

    5. One word — manscaping.

    It’s 2016, my Goodman! It’s perfectly acceptable (and not to mention polite) to trim unruly hair down there. You don’t have to go full porn star levels down there, you can simply aim for what you’d like in a partner, and that is to keep things neat and tidy. But please, please use a separate razor for your face and for your ultra-sensitive area.

    6. Exfoliate that beautiful face.

    Do not be intimidated by face scrubs! These are just textured (call it upgraded too) face washes designed to get the dead skin cells off your face. For a fresher feel, use one on a Monday morning to scrub all week’s worth of dead skin cells (yikes) off your face and switch to a milder face wash for the rest of the week. Trust us, you’ll look and feel better instantly.

    7. Manage that beard!

    We understand that you don’t have much time in the morning for a glorious shaving session, but you just have to learn all the fundamentals of a good shave. Invest on a good beard trimmer and get into a weekly habit of giving your good old beard a trim. Keep it nice and tidy, like any gentleman would. If you’re too tired (or lazy) to do it. You can schedule a professional shave at least every other week.

    8. Gentlemen don’t have nasty feet.

    Proper foot care is also important. Take care of your feet after a good shower, as your skin is at its softest state during this time. Use a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells, rinse and put a generous amount of moisturizer or cream.

    9. Get rid of those dark circles.

    Are you tired of people telling you that you look tired? This is the reason you should use an eye cream or an eye roll-on to help reduce the dark circles, make the blood vessels appear smaller, and stimulate blood flow to the area under your eyes.

    10. Groom your eyebrows as necessary.

    Let’s just acknowledge the fact that unibrows are ugly. Big eyebrows aren’t necessary a problem, but keep them nice and neat. Pay close attention to the area where they meet, and any stray area below the brows need to be taken care of. Plucking is good, but you can also have them waxed. Don’t be shy to ask your barber if they offer eyebrow waxing.

    11. And please, please cut your nails.

    This is pretty basic and self-explanatory. Cut your nails and put some good hand cream every night before you sleep. Everybody loves clean and smooth hands.

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