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    5 Benefits of Beard Balm—An Essential to be a Polished Gentleman

    A well-kept beard is a sign of health, virility, and maturity. It's no surprise that the stylish, rugged look has become increasingly popular in recent years. The time and effort it takes to grow a healthy beard are considerable, so it pays off to take care of your mane with beard balm.

    #1. Prevents Beard Dandruff and Itchiness

    Beard Balm is a great moisturizer specifically designed to help soften your beard. Some goodmen find that balms provide relief from itchy skin. Regular use of beard balm can also prevent what's known as beardruff—an unpleasant condition that affects many men who have beards (or just have dry skin).  Beardruff is caused by dead skin cells flaking off and gathering around your beard's base, leaving you with white flakes on your shirt or collar. It can make your beard look unkempt and dirty, and it’s uncomfortable to have flakes of skin falling off into your mouth when you eat. The right combination of oils helps keep these dead cells at bay, preventing itchiness while keeping your beard looking shiny and healthy.

    #2. Adds Volume to your Facial Hair

    It can be difficult for some men to grow a thick, full beard or to maintain confidence in the process during slow periods of growth. One of the biggest benefits of beard balm is that it helps to add volume to your facial hair. Seeing as our beard balm contains considerable amounts of beeswax and butters, the balm will add volume and weight to your facial hairs, giving your beard a thicker, healthier appearance. This seems to be particularly true if you apply the beard balm soon after washing your beard with our Beard Shampoo and Conditioner, as the moisture will be sealed in, adding to the appearance of weight. This can be great if you want to look more stylish because will help keep your facial hair smooth and sleek, which in turn makes it appear fuller than usual.

    #3. Styles and Tames your Mane

    Whether you need to style your messy beard for a special occasion, or if you just want to look good every day, beard balm makes styling easy. The best part about beard balm is that you can also use it in place of a styling product and still get a lot of the same benefits. For example, beard balm will help you keep your hair from breaking or frizzing, which means it also helps prevent split ends. It also prevents your beard from feeling stiff and greasy at the same time. Beard Balms are also very versatile when it comes to styling! We recommend using our beard balm if you want something that has enough hold without making your hair feel stiff or heavy like other products do—especially if you have long facial hair! 

    #4. Protects Against the Elements

    Beard balm is a great way to protect your beard from the elements. Whether you're talking about wind, cold weather, or rain in general, beard balm will keep your beard protected against these factors. Why is this important? Keeping your facial hair moisturized and hydrated, it prevents dryness—which can lead to split ends and even breakage. Additionally, if you're in an area where there are lots of airborne particles like dust or pollen that get into your hair follicles—or even just in dryer climates where the air isn't as humid—the balm will help seal moisture into each strand so that it doesn't get pulled out by static electricity (which can cause noticeable frizz).

    #5. Makes your Beard Look Healthier

    Beard Balm is the perfect solution for keeping your beard healthy. It's made from all-natural ingredients, which means it won't irritate your skin or clog pores. The moisturizing properties of beard balm will keep your hair soft and hydrated, preventing breakage and split ends. If you have sensitive skin, using beard balm daily can help reduce irritation caused by ingrown hairs or razor burn. Beard balms also come in a variety of scents that are sure to appeal to any man with facial hair. Whether you prefer something fruity or woodsy, there's a scent here for every man!

    Polished Gentleman’s Beard Styling and Beard Softening Balm

    #1. Looking for the Finest.My good man, are you ready to take your beard to the next level? Meet our Premium Sandalwood Beard Balm Wax. Made with natural and essential oils, this beard wax for men will tame that wild mess you currently call a beard. Whether you're looking to soften, style, or simply add some fragrance, this beard shaper will get it done in a matter of minutes.

    #2. Smell like a Man. Have you ever looked at your beard in the morning and wondered what exactly it would smell like if a fiery dragon breathed on it? Well, wonder no more. Sandalwood beard cream and beard moisturizer for men get your face smelling more manly than a Viking at a 7th Sea festival after 5 mead-soaked days. It has the scent of sandalwood, which will comfort your soul and make you feel like a man.

    #3. Thicker, Fuller Beard.Want a thicker and fuller beard? Infused with tea tree oil, shea butter, and almond oil, this beard care product will soften and make your beard appear thicker, fuller, and healthier than ever. It also has a calming effect on the skin under your beard, preventing itching and dandruff. This awesome beard softener for men is made with 100% natural ingredients to promote calmness for facial skin, making it ideal for beardsmen with sensitive skin.

    #4. Quality Control.Created by professionals, taking the natural route. This beard wax for men is chemical-free, paraben, alcohol, and sulfate-free to secure the healthiest beard possible. This beard grooming cream will also limit itchy and dry skin underneath your chin and keep your beard looking shiny and healthy on top. This can also be easily applied for touch-ups throughout the day in-between washes.

    #5. Polished Gentleman. My goodman, get the beard you've always dreamt of. Our Premium Sandalwood Beard Balm Wax will tame even the wildest of beards and keep them smelling fresh all day long. Include this with your beard care kit now! Not only will it be glorious to behold, but it will also be incredibly polished. Made in the USA, FAMILY-OWNED with 3 generations making our own natural products. Products You Can Trust!

    Your beard will love you for using beard balm.

    Beard balm is a moisturizer that is applied to your beard to help it stay healthy and hydrated. It will also help prevent dandruff and itchy beard, as well as add volume and style to your mane. If you have a dry or coarse beard, adding beard balm is an excellent way to make it softer and more manageable. You can use beard balm after washing using beard shampoo or conditioner for men's facial hair. This gives you the benefit of providing moisture without stripping essential oils from your facial hair, which helps keep your face moisturized too! Beard balms are also great for styling beards because they provide hold without stiffness so that your beard stays in place all day long - even in windy conditions outdoors!

    Here at Polished Gentleman, we have everything you need to get the beard you've always dreamt of. Not only will it be glorious to behold, but it will also be incredibly polished. So get polished. Get Polished Gentleman.