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    Hair Tips and Tricks

    Men, here are some tips from years of experience for both men and women.  Today we will talk about men’s tips.

    First, start a routine, make an appointment with your barber stylist for every 4 weeks, keep that appointment every time.  That may seem excessive, but keeping your hair well maintained, is very attractive.  Being scruffy is great if you live alone in the bush, but not in this day and time.  When picking a great barber, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

    #1:  Go first thing in the morning or the last appointment at night.  Your stylist will have more time to talk to you about what you need and want from them.

    #2: If you can’t see in the windows, don’t even go in. They have something to hide, do not take a chance. 

    #3. If your stylist doesn’t want to talk to you about your haircut, get out of the chair. 

    Now about washing your hair

    If you use a waxy product in your hair to style it, put a good cleansing product on your hair, like our DermaChange Platinum while it is still dry, before you get into the shower. Then rinse in the shower and apply again. Always follow with our DermaChange Conditioner, even though your hair is short and may not feel rough, please condition every time you wash your hair.   If your hair is oily, do not scrub your hair vigorously as this will only make your already over-active glands secrete more oil, just wash and repeat without scrubbing. Do not wash tour hair every day unless oily, just rinse and leave it.  2-3 times a week is enough. 

    If your hair is thinning, Then DermaChange Thick and Full, please don’t towel dry your hair and rub it.  It is already fragile, and it should be treated with care.  You may blot it with a nice microfiber soft cloth or an old tea shirt, but not a terrycloth towel.  Never dry your hair with a hot hairdryer, put it on just “air”, no heat. Yes, it may take a little longer, but you will also have your hair longer.  Thick and full have ingredients that will help your hair grow stronger and stay healthy longer.

    If your hair is thinning, keep it short, no comb overs please.  Keeping it trimmed short and using the right products as mentioned above.