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    A dry beard is a common condition that affects most men from time to time. This condition presents itself with discomfort, itchiness, etc, and it makes most men get rid of their beard. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean you should go beardless because of the discomfort, at Polished Gentlemen we've worked on some simple steps to make your facial hair feeling soft and conditioned.


    A dry beard refers to the texture of the facial hair itself.  Hair must contain moisture, so it maintains a soft, healthy, and strong texture, but it's as easy for the bear to dry out. Little everyday life activities like using artificial heating, aircon, a diet change, or genetic makeup can make one's hair brittle. This causes the facial hair to be more coarse, itchy and breaks easily.


    Returning moisture to the facial hair is the basic way of fixing a dry beard. There are a lot of ways to return moisture, which will be further discussed below. Most importantly, it's paramount to include these solutions as a daily routine so that the dry beard won't occur again. 


    Using beard growth oil is one of the first moves to treating dry beard, cause it provides moisture and protection to the facial hair.
    Beard oils contain a lot of fragrances and various ingredients, it's paramount to purchase a beard oil that has all the necessary natural ingredients. Using a low-quality beard oil for a long period of time can prove to be harmful to the facial hair and skin. Polished Gentleman beard oil is made to be safe for the facial hair and skin beneath. Only the best of products are sold to keep your beard feeling soft and conditioned!
    Beard oil can be applied any time on a daily basis, but research shows the body repairs best at night. It's good to apply the beard oil before bed for maximum results.


    Beard balm is similar to the beard oil and works similarly. It contains an essential oil that helps in moisturizing facial hair. The beard balm can also be used as a styling agent. If you are conflicted about if to use the beard oil or beard balm. According to prioritize for moisture and growth, the beard oil is best, for shape and style the beard balm is best.


    Washing and keeping your facial hair clean is mandatory, but while doing so, using the right shampoo and conditioner is important. Using ordinary toilet bathing soaps has been advised against cause it causes dryness of the skin and facial hair.  Also, the wrong shampoos can dry out the facial hair and skin underneath. The beard is an androgenic component because it grows from due to the production of certain hormones, this makes it different in both appearance and texture. To stop persistent dry beard, incorporating beard shampoo is advised to conserve its essential oils and keep it soft.

    Following up the shampoo with a beard conditioner is also significant, especially if your beard is already dry. This conditioner gives the beard additional moisture and makes the soft, manageable, and conditioned.


    In summary, to treat a dry beard :
     Avoid the use of ordinary soap and invest in a beard shampoo
     Follow up with beard conditioner
     Apply beard oil at night too to keep beard moisturized
     Get beard balm for styling your beard
    Follow through with these tips and get your beard to that soft and conditioned!