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    How To Soften Beard Hair & Prevent It From Becoming Itchy And Dry

    It's no secret. Many guys avoid growing a beard because they know how itchy it can be. This is especially true of those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis (two common skin conditions). If you have never dealt with this kind of beard rash, let me tell you it is miserable. First, there are little bumps that appear on your face, neck, and scalp; then they become red and tender; and finally, they crack and bleed – assuring you that you will be scratching that patch of skin until it bleeds as well. Thanks, eczema!

    Beard hair is rougher than the hair on your head. This makes using beard products such as beard oil, waxes, and balms more difficult to apply. In addition to being extremely scratchy and coarse, beard hair also has a lot of variants. Some hairs are short while others are long. Some are as straight as an arrow, while others begin to split after a few inches. 

    If you are someone who likes to grow your beard, or even if you are thinking about growing it, you may want to know how to soften beard hair. After all, who wants scratchy facial hair? You don't need to scratch that itch for long…here's how to soften beard hair.

    Step 1: Wash Your Beard With A Formulated Beard Shampoo

    Ensure that you wash your beard with a formulated beard shampoo. Do not use your hair shampoo on your beard. Beard shampoos are specifically made for the needs of the skin beneath and around the facial hair. Hair shampoos contain chemicals that are too harsh for sensitive facial skin; they can cause irritation, dryness, and even redness if used frequently or in excess amounts. A good quality,pH-balanced beard shampoo will be gentle enough to cleanse without stripping natural oils from the face or clogging pores, to prevent ingrown hairs (which often lead to acne). 

    Polished Gentleman Club Beard Thickening Shampoo Respectable Beard (8 oz)

    Polished Gentleman’s Beard Shampoo is infused with a custom blend of biotin, organ & organic ingredients that ensure a silky and softer beard. It is also made with tea tree oil that stimulates beard follicles and promotes beard growth. A cleansed beard is softer, cleaner, and healthier – plus it smells great! It’s important to remember that not only does regular washing help prevent dirt build-up in between washes, but it also removes dead skin cells which would otherwise make your beard look dull. 

    Step 2: Use A Beard Conditioner

    A beard conditioner is a must-have if you want to keep your beard soft and smooth. It'll ensure that the product is evenly distributed throughout your hair, too.

    Polished Gentleman Club Beard Softening Conditioner Small Beard (4 oz)

    To make sure you're using a quality product, look for one that contains natural and organic ingredients.Polished Gentleman’s Beard Conditioner is an all-natural beard softener set that can definitely satisfy your manly bearded needs. It contains argan oil, manuka honey, and tea tree oil, which promote smooth and suave facial hair. Beard conditioners are usually applied aftershampooing and left on for 2-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

    Step 3: Moisturize Your Beard Daily

    If you want to soften your beard hair and prevent it from becoming dry and itchy, the third thing you should do is moisturize it daily. There are many beard products available for this, including beard oil, balms, and more.

    Polished Gentleman Club Beard Growth Oil 2oz (Single)

    Beard oils have been around for a while now, but have recently seen an increase in popularity thanks to their ability to moisturize the skin under the beard while also softening the facial hair itself.Polished Gentleman’s Beard Oil will make your beard softer. Infused with Olive, Jojoba, Avocado & Argan oils for naturally magnificent beard volume. It will also create sensory delight with rosemary & cedar wood oil extract. This beard care product is made organically free from chemicals that cause infections, so turn an itchy, dry, and cranky beard into softer, shinier & glorious facial hair with our Beard Oil. 

    Step 4: Comb Out Your Beard Regularly

    Once you have dried your beard, it's time to start combing out any knots and tangles that may have formed. This will help distribute the oils and/or conditioner evenly throughout your hair, which will keep it soft and manageable.

    Start from the bottom of your beard and work your way up in sections with each pass of the comb. Using a wide-tooth comb allows for less tension on individual hairs when brushing out knots, preventing fuzziness while still distributing product thoroughly through your mane.

    Polished Gentleman Club Beard Grooming Kit with Brush, Scissors, and Comb

    Polished Gentleman has everything you need for this step. Complete your beard softening with our Beard Grooming Kit with a pocket-size beard brush and beard comb designed to fit perfectly in your pocket to groom and get that beard beast under control anytime, anywhere. Beard comb kit that has different types of comb for your beard. Anti-static bamboo detangles wet and dry beards with ease, removes dirt, distributes beard oil, and massages facial hair to stimulate natural oil production for healthy beard and skin.

    Step 5: Nourish Hair From The Inside Out With Vitamins

    • Vitamins A, B, C, and E
    • Fish oil (omega-3s) and biotin

    Surprisingly enough, the vitamins you need to keep your beard in tip-top shape aren't just for when you're suffering from a cold. They can help prevent dry skin that causes itching, flaking and redness—and even make your beard softer. Certain vitamins are essential to healthy hair growth: vitamin A helps with protein production; vitamin B helps with circulation; vitamin C boosts collagen production; and vitamin D regulates oil production on the scalp by helping it absorb sunlight. 

    The best way to get these nutrients is through food sources such as broccoli or salmon—but if you don't eat these foods regularly or have trouble absorbing them into your system (which happens when you have an autoimmune disease), then supplements might be worth considering. Look for ones that contain vitamins A, B2(riboflavin), B3(niacin), biotin or folic acid along with fish oil or olive oil extract; capsules are easier than tablets since they allow for more control over dosage size. Once again, though: if you're unsure about whether taking supplements is right for your body, please consult with a physician first!


    To soften hair and prevent itchiness: 

    • Use a beard shampoo.
    • Use a beard conditioner.
    • Apply beard oil every day to soften and moisturize damaged hair, prevent itchiness, and keep your beard healthy overall (just don't overdo it—it's better to use less oil than more).
    • Use a comb to detangle your beard after you wash it: the friction will help separate individual hairs, so they dry in place rather than sticking straight out of your face like an ancient Egyptian pharaoh's braid.

    The key to preventing beard hair from becoming itchy and dry is to understand what you're doing to it, and then make sure it's properly cared for. Here at Polished Gentleman, we have everything you need to soften your good beard. Get the beard you've always dreamt of. Not only will it be glorious to behold, but it will also be incredibly polished. So get polished. Get Polished Gentleman.