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    Well-coiffed men with healthy beards are increasingly commonplace—The best products really make a huge difference!

    Well-coiffed men with healthy beards are increasingly commonplace—The best products really make a huge difference!

    Beards and other types of facial hair have really come into their own in the past year or two—along with men’s grooming being on a general up-swing, keeping facial hair longer is much more mainstream.

    To have a signature look with your beard and hair, the right products are essential.

    But with more hair comes more maintenance, and for some stylists and clients alike, beard upkeep is something of a foreign concept. Men with beard aspirations will quickly discover that their facial hair needs some love in the form of regular trims and product, and that the skin underneath will be Sahara-dry unless special care is given. Keeping the skin under the beard clean and conditioned is very important.

    Growing Pains

    If your client is looking for advice during the growing phase, suggest taking it slow and steady and use the opportunity to up their skincare game.

    Making sure you exfoliate during this process, is very significant.

    Polished Gentlemen Beard shampoo and conditioner will both clean and condition, while keeping the skin properly pH balanced so that it exfoliates naturally. 

    Never use bar soap as it will leave your skin itchy and the skin very dry as the pH is just way too high, throw your bar soap away! 

    Daily Beard Care in 4 Steps

    Daily beard care is a process and narrows it down to four steps:

    1. Shampoo. With Polished Gentlemen Beard Shampoo.
    2. Condition. With Polished Gentlemen beard conditioner.
    3. Exfoliate. Comb through the beard with a soft-bristle brush to exfoliate away excess skin and allow pores to breathe.
    4. Condition—again. Finish off with some oil or leave-in conditioner like DermaChange leave in conditioner and body moisturizer in the skin down to the ends of the beard. This will help prevent red, flaky, irritated skin under your beard. You can also add Polished Gentlemen Beard balm. With a soft brush like the one provided in the Polished Gentlemen Beard kit. 
    5. Weekly trimming is essential to keep your beard looking its best.  You can tackle this yourself or go to a pro and keep your beautiful masculine beard looking perfect. 
    6. Men with facial hair have less chance of developing skin cancer from UV rays.  Also, it will help keep your skin from aging prematurely.