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    Beard Grooming Kit 25% OFF

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    • POCKET SIZE: Pocket size beard brush, beard comb or moustache comb combo designed to fit perfectly in your pocket to groom and get that beard beast under control anytime, anywhere.
    • DETANGLE, SHINY, SMOOTH: anti static bamboo detangles wet and dry beards with ease, removes dirt, distributes beard oil, massages facial hair to stimulate natural oil production for healthy bead and skin.
    • A MUST HAVE ON YOUR GROOMING KIT. Be the polished gentleman and always look at your best. Have this on your grooming kit and look awesome everyday.
    • PERFECT PRESENT: also designed as a gift - premium quality materials comes in a great package, ideal for Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, any special event.
    • LAST A LIFETIME, ECO-FRIENDLY: this is the last brush and comb you’ll ever need to buy! Made of the highest quality bamboo and boar bristle. Biodegradable.